Get Your Business Ready for 2016!

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Today, we’ll discuss your business plan for next year. It’s the fourth quarter of 2015. During the year's last quarter, Realtors should reflect on this year’s business. We should ask ourselves how we can improve next year.

At Keller Williams East Valley, we have business consultations to plan your systems and models for the following year. We also conduct business planning clinics.

We base our advice off The Millionaire Real Estate book. These are proven methods for success. There are four models that create the system for the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Business Plan. These include economic, lead generation, budget, and organizational models.

The economic model involves understanding your numbers. How many leads do you need to book appointments, close transactions, and create the profit you want?

The lead generation model is simple. Ask yourself: what are we going to do daily to get leads and score closings?

In the budget model, every agent should have a profit loss statement. Pre-plan to regenerate and reach financial goals. How are we going to pay for this? The budget model allows you to think about what you need to meet your goals.

Finally, the organizational model focuses on leverage and teamwork. This model calls on a third party to help develop and improve your business. Think about who you want to hire first to reach your financial goals.

We’d love to get you a copy of The Millionaire Real Estate book. Give us a call if you’re interested in a free consultation today! Thanks for watching.