The Importance of Consultations in East Valley

Interested in a FREE Business Consultation?

At our office this past week, we had a fantastic panel of top agents, facilitated by an agent in the top 1% of our marketplace. We talk about scripts, dialogues, and consultations. Why is this important? It’s not about knowing more about consultations, it’s about having a better presentation for a consultation with scripted dialogue.

If you start with a consultation, you will typically have more of a connection with that client of yours and you set the expectations. From the beginning, they should understand the importance of your role and why they need you as an agent. When something goes right later down the line, it’s easier to know why.

We cannot stress the importance of a consultation more! Sit down and find out what your clients needs are, since there’s a difference between needs and wants. Set proper expectations on what the transaction will look like. These steps should make the transition smoother. Get scripted, memorize it, and make it your own.

If you have any questions about consultations or anything else, do not hesitate to reach out! Contact us by phone or email.