How to Create a Local Lead Generation Campaign

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What does 100 percent of 10 percent mean when lead generating your target marketing? It means prospecting a direct niche that may not even know you’re directly marketing or advertising to them!

How do we do it? The process we use is called scrubbing. We go to a title company and ask for a specific subdivision, area, and zip code, and have them pull specific properties out that fit whatever guidelines you're looking for.

For example, if you’re looking for listings, you might decide to go after every home that's in a specific area that's non-owner occupied. We have the title company pool any homes where the seller's tax records go to a different address. When a property's tax record are sent to another address, you not that property is non-owner occupied. Once you've identified a handful of these properties, and find out where their owners live, you create a lead-generation campaign around them to convert them to a new listing.

You can use the same time of scrubbing model to find buyers in that area. We flip-flop it. We have the title company go after all of the homes that are non-owner occupied, which are probably renters. We would then directly target the tenants of those properties to try to find new buyers!

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