Should You Join a Team or Go Solo When Selling Homes in East Valley?

When you embark on a career real estate, should you join a team or go solo? This is an excellent question, and I think either choice is great, but there are certain advantages to each.

When you join a team, you have access to a lot more resources and you have a much larger support network. Real estate teams have specialized positions that work kind of like an assembly line, they can buy and sell far more homes than a single agent.  A team can teach you scripts and they can even find leads for you! Teams also provide coaching and peer accountability. Your team will push you to be your best in a high-energy and competitive environment.

Solo agents are a little more rare in today’s market. It’s a lot more work to be a solo agent, but your business is more simple. You don’t have to split your commissions with anyone so it’s potentially very lucrative. You have the chance to build your own business, but you don’t have as much back end support or the motivating environment of a team.

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