Five Things to Expect Out of Your Brokerage

Brokerages help provide you with the environment and support which makes success possible. There are many good reasons to join one.  

A brokerage is designed to help you in four distinct ways, and I’ll be expanding on this idea today. A lot of people ask me why they should work with a brokerage. This is what I tell them, so they know what to expect.

  1. A brokerage will get to know who you are as an individual in order to help you make the best possible decisions. They will play into your strengths to give you the greatest possible chance for a lifelong vocation in real estate. A brokerage is a team of individuals that work together towards a common goal, and you’ll be expected to cooperate with others in order to accomplish tasks.

  1. They will provide you with training and a support network. They will guide you to the right places for the right information. You’ll be instructed on activities to engage in that will generate business predictably and repeatedly. They will put you on a path for success that is marked by education and training. The infrastructure is all there - you just have to be willing to learn and grow as a professional. You will have role models to look up to when you’re not sure of what to do, and you’ll also be thrust into an environment of friendly competition. This goes a long way into helping you personally and professionally.


  1. A great brokerage will connect you with other agents that are in the top of the market. Easy networking is a major advantage of a brokerage, and it’s nice to have someone that understands your struggles while you’re trying to build a business. This will help you to realize where you are in your career and what you will be capable of moving forward.

  1. A brokerage will track your activities and let you know how your activities are equalling results. They will teach you how to focus on dollar-producing activities that lead to results. This business is about results, and the way to find results is to track your activities and monitor that feedback.

  1. Culture is the last part of a great brokerage. The culture should challenge you to grow but also to share those ideas that allowed you to flourish. There should be an openness and a pride about working in a brokerage, and everyone should be helping one another to be the best they can. You always have to keep moving forward, whether it’s learning a new script or a new program. Every day that you show up, you should feel determined to learn something new or improve yourself in some way.

If you want an environment that’s going to push you to succeed in every facet of your personal and professional life, then I suggest you contact me about working at a brokerage. Whether or not you decide it’s right for you, I wish you a fantastic career in real estate and I look forward to hearing from you!