How to Have an Amazing Career in Real Estate

Build as many relationships as you can and keep in touch, in order to continue to grow your business and your database. 

I get asked all the time, “How can I have an amazing career in real estate that will last?” The answer is actually very simple.

Building a business is really about building relationships and building trust value within those relationships. You want to make personal connections with those people who already know you, or people you may not have met yet but have heard of you. 

The best way to build trust in these relationships is by providing value. You can add value by providing these people with important information about real estate, financing, home improvement, or anything else that homeowners would want to know about.  

The idea is to provide the ultimate value to anyone who knows you, even if you haven’t personally met them. You want the information to be so good that they would pay for it. This means providing solid data, reinforcing your point, and giving a strong call to action. They may call you, they may refer you, but no matter what, you can start building a direct relationship with them so that when they are thinking about buying or selling, you’re the first person that comes to mind.

When building relationships, you’ve got to be consistent. First, you need to have a consistent message about why someone would want to do business with you. Make that your mantra. Secondly, you’ve got to be consistent on following through with things that support your vision. Let’s say that your message is “hassle-free.” Send your potential clients information about avoiding potential hassles and problems when buying or selling. When you do that consistently, you will build that trust, and you will start to add those people to your database.

Your database will be comprised of people you know and people you don’t know. No matter who they are, you will start to build a relationship with them over time. Then when the time comes for you to reach out or give them a call, they will respond quickly. Once they do, you’re off and running. The idea is to build as many of these relationships as often as you can. Every 90 days, I like to have my people add 50 quality people to their database. After a year, that’s a couple hundred people you have now added. For every 12 that you add to your database, you can count on two transactions. That’s the way to build a business.

If you have any questions or would like more info, there are several systems, methods, and processes to do so. If you would like more information, shoot me an email or give me a call. I’d love to hear from you!