How Can You Improve Your Business Plan?

Have you spent hours going over a business plan that’s going to wind up in a folder buried deep in your desk? There’s a better way to develop a business plan, and I’m here to tell you all about it.  

Every year around this time, people start talking about their business plans for the next year. However, what you need to have is something I call an interaction business plan. Allow me to explain why. How many hours have you spent in and out of classrooms trying to develop your business plan only to stuff it in a folder and stick it in your desk? Sure, you might pull it out six months later, but how is that going to benefit you? There are a few reasons those plans never become a reality. For one, the business plan isn’t in plain sight. It usually gets tucked away in your desk, probably never to be seen again. Not having a scoreboard to tell you exactly where you are at with your business plan is also a contributing factor to failed business plans. You have to have a way to hold yourself accountable. With a scoreboard, you’ll have your business plan in front of you every day. It will show you your wins and your losses so you know exactly where you stand.

You have to have a way to hold yourself accountable.

At Keller Williams, we call this the Career Growth Initiative. Let’s say you generated a lead that ended up in your interactive pipeline and became a contract. Your business plan could tell you where you were going, and when you closed, it would tell you where you were at. That is what sets Keller Williams apart from the rest. So, why are you not working with the best of the best? Keller Williams has the latest technology and teaching methods that allow them to produce the most qualified agents. If you want to hear more about our Career Growth Initiative, give me a call or shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!