How Important Is Industry Education at Your Next Job?

How important is education to you in choosing your next brokerage? If it is your top priority, go where the education you'll receive is the best in the business.  

Today I wanted to talk a bit about real estate industry education and what it might mean to you in your career. There are several reasons for agents to join a brokerage, and education is one of the main reasons. So what does it mean when a broker says they have the best education available? What defines the best education to you? There's a brokerage out there for everyone, so it's important to connect what you truly value and what the brokerage has to offer. How much time and money are you investing, and what are you actually receiving? These are the basic principles of measuring your return on investment, and you should put them to work when looking at brokerages to join. When education is your main reason for joining a brokerage, shouldn't you get the best? What does the best education mean to you? What about the material and content? Is it delivered in a timely manner? Who is teaching the classes? Are they engaging and getting the point across? Most of all, are the content and classes available to you? Do you have access to classes when you are available in your schedule?

If education is your main reason for joining a brokerage, don't you want the best?

It could be the best material available, but if it's not delivered in a way you can understand and implement, then how great is it? At Keller Williams, we're consistently ranked number one in the world across all industries in education. We take our top producing agents and teach them how to deliver the material in an engaging way. In the video above, you can see a snippet of a KW class calendar that shows just how open your options are. If education is truly a factor in choosing your next brokerage or you're looking to leverage a brokerage to train the agent on your team, reach out to me for a one-on-one consultation. I look forward to helping you.