How Can You Prepare Yourself for Changes in Our Market?

Changes in our industry are affecting both buyer's agents and listing agents. If you don't know how to adapt, we can help you.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” How many times have you heard that saying? That’s the problem many of us face when trying to grow a successful business in a volatile industry. We must recognize the changes affecting us as listing agents and buyer’s agents. In order to adapt, we must be on our toes. What does your brokerage do to help you recognize shifts? Did you know there’s currently a nationwide down-pressure on buyer co-brokerage commissions? Websites like Opendoor and Zillow make it easy for buyers to find and see homes without having an agent. Not only is the pressure on the commission, but these factors could eventually negate the need for buyer agents completely. What are you doing to adapt? How are you being educated?

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Listing agents are also up against Opendoor and OfferPad and many other small investors copying the instant-offer model. How strong is your value proposition? How will you compete? Is your brokerage innovative and providing you with ways to compete. The fact is, these companies are here to stay and they’re gaining momentum. However, they’re operating in a niche that will not work against us, but alongside the traditional real estate model. They’re not taking away our industry—they’re forcing us to take it back. What are you going to do to stand your ground? Better yet, how are you going to take territory? If your answer to any of these questions was “I don’t know,” schedule a time to meet with me. If you join us by December 31, we will even save you $199 by waiving your sign-on fee! Let us arm you with the training, knowledge, and tools to take territory in this amazing market. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.