Leveraging Your Listings to Get More Business

Today, team leader and coach Lindsay Mozena has a few tips on how you can meet and exceed your business goals this year.

What are you doing for listing season? What does your pipeline look like? What do you have installed to maximize and leverage your listings into more business? I’m here today with Lindsay Mozena, a team leader and coach here at Keller Williams East Valley, to give great tips on how to exceed your goals this year. We know that, in our industry, what we do now doesn’t even affect our business until 90 days from now. And since listing season is here, right now, we need to get on the ball. If you haven’t started to think about what you’re going to do for this listing season, you need to do so right now. Here at East Valley Real Estate, we’ve been doing script practice every day, as well as practice with roleplay, door-knocking, open houses, and calling our databases. We’ve been really active in making sure that we’re doing lead generating activities every day.

You need to come in and get plugged in.

To leverage our listings, we have started pre-marketing to get listings on our database before they even go live. Zillow and other tech companies can’t do that, since they only deal with live listings. In terms of the systems, we use KWLS, eEdge, CGI (Career Growth Initiative), and others to create goals, tasks, and pipelines. They track our progress automatically as we close deals. Specifically, the KWLS (Keller Williams Listing System) sends out listings to 300 websites before those listings go live. To track our pipeline and goals, we use our CGI, tracking it every single day. Agents are able to plug in their data about their activities, and we check every month to see if the data is in line with their goals. As a word of advice to someone who is just now realizing they’re behind the ball, you need to come in and get plugged in. If your goal is to do 20 deals a year, but you haven’t reached that yet, what’s getting in your way? Schedule an appointment with us immediately and get the coaching that you need in order to take your business to the next level. For any other questions, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help you.