A CRM That Works for You

The best type of CRM is the one you don’t use, and we have one for you that will improve your lead generation tremendously.

Why don’t we use CRMs? They’re not the most efficient way to interact with our database. They’re clunky, cumbersome, and time-consuming. We get stuck managing the CRM when all we’re looking for is a CRM to manage us. This dilemma was the inspiration behind the creation of Kelle, the AI-inspired personal assistant we use at Keller Williams. Kelle is basically the Siri of the real estate business, and here’s how it can help you. When you’re on the new KW system, no matter where you go online, Kelle tracks your business activity. When I say, “Kelle, please send me the top five people I should call today,” it’s not sending me the names of people that I scheduled to call or the names of those I haven’t called in a while. It sends me potential clients based on their online buying or selling activity as well. It can also send you contacts based on which Facebook ads are performing the best. Facebook is integrated with the KW cloud to the point that we know who’s using what ad and how they’re performing. Essentially, KW is working together as a group to streamline their lead generation efforts. In addition, if someone likes a Facebook post you make but they’re not in your contact list, Kelle will notify you and give you the option of adding them to your list. That’s your CRM working for you, not you managing your CRM.

Kelle is basically the Siri of the real estate business.
What else can Kelle do? Let’s say that same person who liked your Facebook post and whom Kelle added to your contact list scheduled a listing appointment with you. When you pull up to their home, you can ask Kelle to send you a market analysis of that home to your phone. Once it’s on your phone, you can send it to their phone so they have it before you even walk in the door. From there, you can ask Kelle to send you a home DNA while you walk through the house. You’ll have pictures of all the surrounding listings, and your potential client can pick which ones are better or worse than their home. They can choose where they land in the CMA and decide how much their home is worth. After that, Kelle can determine the type of buyer who’s most likely to buy that home and search your database for matching buyers. So ask yourself—what will you do with tools that are focused on helping you stay in your 20% so you can receive 80% of your life back? It doesn’t cost you any extra outside of the normal monthly fees you pay. You can’t get this software for a fraction of what it costs to be at KW. In fact, you can’t get it anywhere because it only exists at KW. They’re very intent on owning their software and having a family of agents build it with them. If you’d like to schedule a meeting to start putting together your launchpad or you have any other questions about how to get more out of your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you.